Thursday, August 14, 2014

Candy Winner!!!!

Well this is the winner post!!!

Here is the list of comments that I had to choose from:
1.Kerri-July 24th-Well Happy Thursday everyone!!! post
2.Celine-July 24th-as above
3.Pauline-July 24th-as above
4.Julie Price-July 24th-as above
5.Judy Corner-July 24th-I Love my Maggies!!! post
6.KT Fit Kitty-July 25th-Well Happy Thursday everyone!!! post
7.Karen Steen-July 25th-as above
8.Aussie Annie-July 25th-I Love my Maggies!!! post
9.Celine-July 25th-Fussy and Fancy Challenge #119-Words post
10.Karen Steen-July 25th-as above
11.Sandra-July 25th-as above
12.Sandra-July 27th-Well Happy Thursday everyone!!! post
13.Dianne-July 27th-as above
14.Dianne-July 27th-as above 2nd comment
15.Jo Rice-July 27th-F&F Challenge #119-Words post
16.Dianne-July 27th-as above
17.Julie Price-July 27th-as above
18.Sue Drees-July 28th-I Love my Maggies!!! post
19.Pauline-July 28th-F&F Challenge #119-Words post
20.Kerri-July 28th-House of Mouse Challenge #175 post
21.Christine-July 28th-as above
22.Sandra-July 28th-as above
23.Inky Angel-July 28th-as above
24.Celine-July 28th-as above
25.Pauline-July 28th-as above
26.Jay-July 28th-as above
27.Sue Drees-July 29th-as above
28.Julie Price-July 29th-as above
29.Karen Steen-July 29th-as above
30.Heather D.-July 30th-F&F Challenge #119 post
31.Heather D.-July 30th-House of Mouse Challenge #175 post
32.Pamellia-July  31st-I Love my Maggies!!! post
33.Desire-July 31st-House of Mouse Challenge #175 post
34.Pamellia-July 31st-Happy Birthday to My Darling Girls!!! post
35.May-July 31st-as above
36.Celine-August 1st-as above
37.KT Fit Kitty-August 1st-as above
38.Pauline-August 1st-as above
39.Desire-August 2nd-Well Happy Thursday everyone!!! post
40.Inky Angel-August 2nd-Happy Birthday to My Darling Girls!!! post
41.Desire-August 2nd-as above
42.Judy Corner-August 4th-as above
43.Julie Price-August 4th-as above
44.Desire-August 4th-Fresh Brewed Designs August Digi Release!!! post
45.Heather D.-August 4th-as above
46.Julie Price-August 4th-as above
47.Edwina-August 4th-as above
48.Bumblerbee Creations-August 4th-as above
49.Pauline-August 5th-as above
50.Christine-August 6th-as above
51.Christine-August 6th-Fresh Brewed Buttons post
52.Heather D.-August 6th-as above
53.Inky Angel-August 6th-as above
54.Celine-August 6th-as above
55.Pamellia-August 7th-as above
56.Julie Price-August 8th-as above
57.Sue Drees-August 11th-Happy Birthday to My Darling Girls!!! post
58.Pamellia-August 11th-House of Mouse Challenge #176
59.Sue Drees-August 11th-as above
60.Inky Angel-August 11th-as above
61.FT Fit Kitty-August 11th- as above
62.Pauline-August 12th-Fresh Brewed Buttons-post
63.Celine-August 12th-House of Mouse Challenge #176 post
64.Pauline-August 12th-as above
65.Kerri-August 12th-as above
66.Julie Price-August 12th- as above

And the winner...chosen by my dear husband...I call him!!!
IS...#31...YAY Heather D.

Heather can you please e-mail me with your address and I will get your candy in the mail!!

So that's the candy for my blog-a-versary BUT now I want to thank everyone once again for all of your support over my first year so I am going to offer some new candy to a random comment by a FOLLOWER who makes a comment on my "Blog-a-versary Celebration Project" post only...I will post the winner next Thursday...all comments made by followers up until Wednesday August 20th at 6:00 p.m....on this post only... will qualify!!!

This is my "Blog-a-versary Celebration Project" candy...
So I say THANK YOU again!!!
Until next time your visits and comments are so very much appreciated!!


  1. Many Congratulations to Heather!!!
    Hugs, Sandra

  2. Congrats Heather .
    You're so sweet to propose a new candy :)
    thanks for the chance

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I AM SO SUPER EXCITED!!! you rock! I can't wait to get these delicious looking goodies! Congratulations on your blogaversary and I wish you MANY more to come :D