Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Craft Room Woes!!

Good morning dear friends!

This is where I'd usually post for Midweek Magnolias...BUT I'm in a bit of a mess here...I hope that you will pay my talented teamies a visit though!!

We knew that we had some more water issues but NOT as bad as what it turned out to be!! I had a desk/shelf supply area against the one wall...I could just swivel my chair between my desk and the shelves where the supplies that I used most were right at hand...when we moved everything away to take the wall down there was MOLD...YIKES!!!  I had to throw out some shelves AND supplies 😢!!

This is the wall right now...

And this is the state of my desk/shelves/supplies...
 with more around the corner in the other part of my craft room where the outer wall needs to come down as well...

I'll be trying to get things done amongst the chaos but right now it's too cold down there without the insulation as winter has decided to come back after the lovely early thaw that we had...UGH!!!

Any way I have BIG plans for a nice and organized new area!!!

See you soon!


  1. o thats not great Beth, but you can decorated again thats the great and beautiful part.
    Let me know if you can't make cards.
    Gr Karin

  2. You have my sympathy really you do, my room is very tiny, but a ground pipe runs below and had cracked, the room had to be emptied and the floor dug up two feet down, it is almost finished and fingers crossed I will be able to get back soon, I hope all goes well for you Beth, happy crafting soon...x

  3. I think wonderful things will come out of this!!! NEW CRAFT room!!!!! I am in the same boat....we are renovating our basement with a craft room to boot. So I have made a temporary craft room upstairs but I am up and downstairs to get things! It's not ideal but I am being patient!LOL Your crazy situation will one be home to an awesome space (knowing you it will be beautiful). Remember to share pictures of the AFTER!

  4. Yikes! Hope you can get everything repaired and mold removed safely. We had some water damage a few years ago but we were blessed that not much was damaged. Walls and ceilings had to be replaced but there was no mold fortunately. Sending hugs and I hope all goes smoothly with your repairs.

  5. Oh my gosh Beth, I just stopped in to say hello and look what a state you're in! On one hand, I feel so bad that you don't have your craft room right now, but on the other hand, thank goodness the mold was discovered before it made you sick!! Wishing you the best of luck getting this all taken care of. Sending hugs my friend :)

  6. There may be woes now, but just wait till it's all said and done.... will be more amazing, better, healthier and way more inspirational! :)